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Adobe After Effects Project | Butterfly Pack - Element 3D by Giraysait

Posted by TUE on Aug 2, 2023 with 0 Comments
Videohive - Butterfly Pack - Element 3D
for Adobe After Effects Project (by Giraysait) | 2.68GB

The "Butterfly Pack" for After Effects Project is a fantastic addition to any video editor's toolkit. Utilizing Element 3D, this pack offers stunning three-dimensional butterfly animations with realistic flapping wings and smooth flying motions. The results are truly mesmerizing, as the butterflies seamlessly integrate into your videos, bringing them to life and adding an element of realism.

With a range of 8 different butterfly designs to choose from, you have the flexibility to select the perfect butterfly to suit your project's style and theme. The pack includes a total of 56 Element 3D compositions, each carefully crafted to ensure high-quality and captivating animations.

Additionally, the "Butterfly Pack" offers 30 pre-rendered alpha channel looped clips in MOV file format. These clips can be effortlessly integrated into your compositions, saving you time and effort while maintaining the same level of visual excellence.

When it comes to resolution, this pack supports export to 4K, ensuring your videos retain their stunning visual quality even on high-resolution displays.

To take advantage of all the features and animations, Element 3D v2.2 is required as a plugin. Although this may be an additional requirement, the results are well worth it, as Element 3D unlocks a new realm of possibilities for creating dynamic and realistic animations.

In conclusion, the "Butterfly Pack" for After Effects Project is a must-have for video editors who want to add a touch of magic to their creations. With its three-dimensional butterflies, smooth animations, and compatibility with high-resolution outputs, this pack allows you to infuse your videos with life and make them truly captivating. If you're looking to elevate your video projects and impress your audience, the "Butterfly Pack" is a perfect choice.
Product Information:
- Applicable software: Adobe After Effects CC and above.
- 8 Different design.
- 56 Element 3D compositions.
- 30 Pre-rendered alpha channel looped clips (MOV files).
- Resolution: Export to 4K resolution.
- Plug-ins required: Element 3D v2.2.
- Template format: .aep (Original project)
- Easy to use and optimised for complete beginners as well as professionals.
- Preview Audio not included.

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